A World of Uncertainty

April 24, 2008 at 7:17 am (Me) (, , )

Indonesia? Australia? Who knows where I’ll be a few months from now. Waallahu alam (only God knows).

I’ve been in Indonesia for the past two years now, and as the inevitable date of my return to Australia comes closer, I’m starting to wonder how things will be readjusting to home. ‘Home’? I’m not really sure if I know where that is anymore. For all intents and purposes I have managed to make Jakarta every bit a ‘home’ for myself as I have back home.

So much too has changed in two years.

Now when I return to the ‘other’ home, I have new things to think about. Where can I work to support my wife (My wife??? When did that happen?)? Where can I go for Friday prayers? How long will bulan puasa be there? Should I get a car? Where will I live? The guys… where are all the guys now?

It’s daunting, as is leaving behind the ‘home’ I’ve had for the pat two years.

This blog is just to share a few things about this ‘home’, and I hope it won’t be too long before I will be back again. Though that is not for me to decide. Waallahu alam.


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